Craft® Engineering

Since1986, Craft® is a 100% Belgian concept.

Assembled and adjusted in our premises by our engineers, the quality of our oxygen units is assured. Craft’s experience was born in 1986 with an order for the DRC. By associating it with a container, the machine could thus be easily transported everywhere, and having the advantage of operating with the doors closed, it was sheltered from the weather, pilfering and intrusion.

GAS Solutions


Our industrial units are designed for various sectors such as metallurgy, metal and glass working, fish farming, mines and the oil industry .


Healthcare and humanitarian assistance represent an important sector of the activities of Craft Engineering.

Concerned for the environment


Our units are veritable on-site autonomous micro-plants

The gas production units are completely integrated into an ISO container, just like our water purification units which can also be supplied on skids, depending upon the model.


Certain of our units are specially designed for lasting use in an extreme tropical environment

Respecting the environment, they are designed to operate in an unequalled manner and depending upon the ranges, in extreme environments or on isolated sites.


Attentive to human well-being and to the needs to supply our customers with solutions for the supply of drinking water in developing countries, since 2009, Craft® has been designing and manufacturing mobile water purification units. Craft® also supplies units generating efficient solutions for industrial or agricultural process waters.

Water Solutions

Each unit is totally made to measure by Craft Engineering and benefits from advanced technology aimed in priority at reliability and endurance so as to anticipate and even exceed the expectations of our customers throughout the world.

Autonomy, Economy, Flexibility, Security, Respect for the Environment, Production depending upon your Real Needs, are the essential characteristics which our clients benefit from in a Craft ® unit.

Gas Solutions

A skilled team

A skilled team Our motivated team places their technical knowledge are your disposal to best respond to your needs.

Whatever your questions and your expectations, we do everything to respond to them. With our great experience, we listen to your needs so as to become real partners.

Dany Drion

Commercial Manager

Dany Drion