Medical Solution

Always conscious of bring our contribution to human development, we are particularly interested in supplying oxygen to hospitals suffering from stock insufficiencies, from exorbitant prices or the low quality of oxygen to the detriment of the population.

Whether through the cooperation of Belgium or Luxembourg or the Ministries of Health, or medical equipment manufacturers, we are always committed to offering a system guaranteeing the production of medical quality oxygen with as principal objective, the improvement and rehabilitation of primary health care.

  • Hospitals
  • Medical Centres
  • Country hospitals (military, civil protection)
  • Pharmaceutical Hospitals

Diaphragm compressors

We have developed a range CPO – EM benefitting from a diaphragm compressor specially designed to continuously provide optimal quality oxygen.

While we offer other types of compressors, we have always considered that the diaphragm compressor was the only one capable of use in the hospital environment. Other than the compression, the service container guarantees the proper ventilation of the system and provides a noise barrier which is highly appreciated within a hospital.

Even after the installation, Craft Engineering

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Our guarantee for the Medical World

The bottled oxygen production units with a diaphragm compressor(s) represent our flagship product, having proved themselves by offering unequalled resistance and continuous production of high quality oxygen, no matter what the conditions of use.

The diaphragm compressor provides high volumetric efficiency guaranteeing optimal production. Its electrical consumption and its noise level are low. There is limited maintenance and this is done at relatively spaced intervals, from 8,000 to 14,000 hours of production. The diaphragm compressor unit has two stages for pure oxygen production. The compression is obtained by the elastic deformation of metallic diaphragms squeezed between two stainless steel plates. The oxygen is never, therefore, in contact wit a moving part which could produce dust (piston, etc) no with any lubricant. Purity is thus, rigorously guaranteed.

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Ranges CPO EM

Bottle filling unit in 20’ ISO container – Turn-key

Ranges CPO EM - In pictures

ISO Maritime Container

  • Cooling system
  • Interir and exterior lighting
  • Secured container
  • Resistant to’humidity
  • Adapted to all temperatures

All of the components are mounted in a modified maritime container which serves as a technical room, with two access doors and a digital screen control panel. The container is equipped with interior and exterior lighting.

The container represents and excellent shelter against intrusions of all types (dust, rain, theft). It allows the CPO units to be operational with all doors closed. Designed to be installed outside, its ventilation system guarantees the system efficiency, whatever the ambient temperature and humidity.

Similar, in appearance, to any maritime container, it considerably facilitates the transport of the unit. Furthermore, it can be mounted on a classic trailer, giving it exceptional mobility.

Our medical Oxygen units operate with a PSA system and a diaphragm compressor. They only require maintenance every 8,000hours of operation.


Air compressor

Screw compressor, lubricated, single-stage of type GA-Workplace equipped with a water separator and air-cooled. It has integrated oil and air cooling, in aluminium A microprocessor integrates the functions of regulation, control and safety.

Air treatment

A filter eliminates impurities down to 0.01 micron, with a maximum residual oil content of 0.001 ppm. The air is then stored in a buffer tank.

Dryer – DRYTEC®

VT type dryer with heat exchanger. The dewpoint is 2°C.

Oxygen generator

Generator of type PSA with molecular sieve, it is entirely made of stainless steel. All the auxiliary equipment in contact with oxygen (tanks, valves, pipework, etc.) are also in stainless steel.

The regulation by an automatic control system with pneumatic commands allows millions of cycles to be performed At the outlet of the generator, the dewpoint can go down to -75°C.


The digital control table, regulates the order of the electric power phases, forbidding start-up in case on the reversing of phases. It also monitors the regulation of the compressors and the generator. In addition, the table allows the air and oxygen pressure to be viewed and the dewpoint of the air to be displayed. It comprises a system for the measurement of oxygen quality and indicates potential system malfunctions.

Filling station

High pressure cylinder filling station distributed into 2 sections, each comprising 5 to 10 filling couplings with high pressure cut-off valve, bottle cut-off valve and quick-connect stainless steel/Teflon filling coils.

Technical specifications

CPO 3 CPO 6 CPO 12 CPO 18 CPO 25
*1Nm3 = 1 m3 at 15°C at sea level
Capacity* 2.7 Nm3/hour 6 Nm3/hour 12 Nm3/hour 18 Nm3/hour 25 Nm3/hour
Outlet pressure (bar) => 200 => 200 => 200 => 200 => 200
Power required 10 kW 20 kW 40 kW 50 kW 75 kW
Gross weight 3.500 kg 7.600 kg 8.150 kg 8.825 kg 10.500 kg
Dimensions (m) 3,1 x 2,25 x 2,6 6,2 x 2,28 x 2,6 6,2 x 2,28 x 2,6 6,2 x 2,28 x 2,6 6,2 x 2,28 x 2,6
Filling station (number of bottles) 1 x 4 2 x 5 2 x 10 2 x 10 2 x 10
Purity of gas O2 94% +/- 2% 94% +/- 2% 94% +/- 2% 94% +/- 2% 94% +/- 2%

On option

Open/close Maintenance kit

Maintenance kit

As its name indicates, the maintenance kit allows preventive maintenance to be performed for better monitoring of the equipment.

Spare parts

Open/close Roof kit

Roof kit

So as to best protect your installation, an additional roof can be arranged t obest protect your container.

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