PSA Technique

The production of oxygen is based on PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology. This system allows ambient air to be dissociated into oxygen and nitrogen by molecular filtration.

By far, the easiest to implement, the molecular filtration technique required no specialized qualifications. Furthermore, it is the best adapted to difficult environments (high temperature, humidity, dust, altitude, etc.) where it has shown its great resistance.

Ambient air, pre-filtered then compressed by an air compressor, passes through a filter which eliminates any traces of oil or impurities before being sent to a dryer and lastly a buffer tank. From there, the pure, dry compressed air arrives into the generator where it is dissociated on the one hand into nitrogen and on the other into oxygen by the adsorption-desorption cycle operated by a molecular sieve. The oxygen thus produced is then sent into an oxygen compressor in order to fill high pressure bottles.

oxygen production schematic diagram

Our expertise in gas production allows us to offer turn-key equipment, sized to measure, perfectly responding to the needs of our customer clients and to the on-site conditions.

Advantageous features

Open/close Resistance


We make our know-how available to you in Africa where most of our experience is based. The often difficult, operational conditions continuously push us to reinforce the limits of robustness. Our first African installations have up to the present day, exceeded 200,000 hours of production.

Open/close Turn-key


Our oxygen production units are delivered on the basis of full turn-key service including on-site start-up and training.

Open/close Accessible technology

Accessible technology

Unlike other oxygen production processes, (liquefaction, electrolysis, etc.), the PSA technology, is characterized by very easy use and maintenance, reduced power consumption and consequently, very limited operating costs.

Open/close Flexibility


Mounted in an ISO container serving as a technical workshop, the CRAFT® units can be used in their place of operation, but also as mobile production units.

Open/close Autonomy


Equipped with pneumatic regulation, controlled by an entirely programmable automatic control system, or by an automatic safety system, our units have the best management system on the market, guaranteeing real autonomy. The reduced supervision being incumbent on an electromechanical technician, the daily management can be done by a single warehouseman.

Open/close Quality


All the CRAFT® units, irrespective of their level of development, of their use or on their maintenance, are compliant with the standard ISO 10083 regulating medical gas systems.

Open/close Simple Maintenance

Simple Maintenance

Gauge of high quality, the manufacture is based on equipment coming from world renown specialists such as ATLAS COPCO, BURTON CORBLIN, PARKER, RIX etc. which facilitates considerably the supply of potential wear parts or spare parts.

Open/close Economy


Craft ® units offer you a very economical alternative to’ purchase of’oxygen from outside suppliers. The average cost of filling’a bottle, of 7.5 Nm3 to 150 bar, by one of our units comes to less than 1€ (staff, power and maintenance included).

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