Reverse osmosis (also known as hyper-filtration)

Reverse osmosis stops all molecular contaminants, bacteria, viruses, germs, pollen down to 0.0001 micron without treatment by toxic chemicals. Salts, including sea salt, are also eliminated.

Reverse osmosis is a common method for treatment and de-salination of seawater, lake water, saline and turbid waters . The filtration is done with a multilayer membrane which filters water at high pressure. This type of membrane is also used for the treatment of fresh water containing chemical contaminants which are not eliminated by ultrafiltration membranes , such as fluorine or arsenic.

The membrane pores being very small, they only allow water molecules (H20) to pass through. No salt remains. Drinking this water regularly is not recommended as there is a risk of de-mineralizing the human body. It is necessary therefore to re-mineralize the water at the outlet of the membranes, for example, by adding calcium. In addition to re-mineralizing, the Craft ® machines add a pH corrector.

Reverse Osmosis & microfiltration

Our expertise in the purification and filtration of water allows us to offer turn-key equipment sized to measure, responding perfectly to the needs of our customers and to the on-site conditions .

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