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The excellent reliability of our products based on proven technologies coupled with an ongoing search for flexibility, makes Craft® units the reference in terms of turn-key solutions for the supply of Oxygen, Nitrogen or Drinking water in difficult access zones.

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Medical solution

The supply of medical oxygen can't be delayed. The installation on site of a specific production unit allows a constant quality supply.

Industrial solution

Tailored production of O2, N2, or a combination of the two will ensure you to get the essential gases you seek when you need them.

Water solution

Our drinking water production units are manufactured with high quality components to obtain purified water without using chemical components.

Craft Service

Excellence through experience

A complete service Since 1986

Worldwide set up

Available worldwide, Craft®'s units can be delivered everywhere, moreover they matched any climatic conditions. It's the best solution for site where access and supplying are hazardous.

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Camille Toussaint Sogaval Technical Director

Portrait of Camille Toussaint

I would like to congratulate you for the great production of O2, both compact and efficient. Our users are really happy to have such work tools and we thank you again for your so perfect ingenuity

B. Verdavainne Managing Director of the Société Gabonaise de Gaz Industriels

Portrait of B. Verdavainne

We have never had the least incident and our production of oxygen n’has never stopped as a result of any production reason whatsoever. The quality of the oxygen is extremely stable! The technical advice from the Craft engineers and their assistance at any moment has always been very valuable and has allowed us to maintain the 3 units at an optimal level of efficiency