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CRAFT ENGINEERING has been chosen by several Belgian and foreign equipment manufacturers who wish to bring added value to their industrial projects. CRAFT® units guarantee continuous operation of the production tool by supplying oxygen and nitrogen on demand , 24h per day if necessary.

Oxygen is an essential raw material for numerous industries  :

  • Welding & Oxy-acetylene cutting
  • Metallurgy
  • Shipyards
  • Industrial furnaces
  • Mining operations
  • the Food Industry
  • Fish farming
  • Water Treaitment

Nitrogen is also a very useful gas for industries because of its differentproperties. Here are various areas for which in-situ production constitutes a decisive advantage :

  • Oil and gas
  • Electronics
  • Food product packaging (inertage)
  • Laboratories
  • Fire Protection
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Maritime sector(civil or military)
  • Industry (Chemical & general)

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Even after the installation, Craft Engineering
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