Medical Solution

Always conscious of bring our contribution to human development, we are particularly interested in supplying oxygen to hospitals suffering from stock insufficiencies, from exorbitant prices or the low quality of oxygen to the detriment of the population.

Whether through the cooperation of Belgium or Luxembourg or the Ministries of Health, or medical equipment manufacturers, we are always committed to offering a system guaranteeing the production of medical quality oxygen with as principal objective, the improvement and rehabilitation of primary health care.

  • Hospitals
    Public & private
  • Medical Centres
  • Country hospitals (military, civil protection)
  • Pharmaceutical Hospitals

Diaphragm compressors

We have developed a range CPO – EM benefitting from a diaphragm compressor specially designed to continuously provide optimal quality oxygen.

While we offer other types of compressors, we have always considered that the diaphragm compressor was the only one capable of use in the hospital environment. Other than the compression, the service container guarantees the proper ventilation of the system and provides a noise barrier which is highly appreciated within a hospital.

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