Ultrafiltration provides the mechanical treatment of surface waters (rivers, lakes, etc.) and fresh waters (wells, drilling, etc.) by membrane filters.

The strength of this technology allows water to be clarified and de-contaminated from all particles, bacteria, germs, viruses, algae, pollen, parasites, organic molecules up to 0.01 micron without chemical treatment and with a relatively low power consumption.

The raw water is filtered under pressure through a microporous membrane which conserves the natural minerals in the water, which guarantees constant and impeccable quality, respecting the environment and the well-being of the population.


Reverse osmosis (also known as hyper-filtration)

Reverse osmosis stops all molecular contaminants, bacteria, viruses, germs, pollen down to 0.0001 micron without treatment by toxic chemicals. Salts, including sea salt, are also eliminated.

Reverse osmosis is a common method for treatment and de-salination of seawater, lake water, saline and turbid waters . The filtration is done with a multilayer membrane which filters water at high pressure. This type of membrane is also used for the treatment of fresh water containing chemical contaminants which are not eliminated by ultrafiltration membranes , such as fluorine or arsenic.

The membrane pores being very small, they only allow water molecules (H20) to pass through. No salt remains. Drinking this water regularly is not recommended as there is a risk of de-mineralizing the human body. It is necessary therefore to re-mineralize the water at the outlet of the membranes, for example, by adding calcium. In addition to re-mineralizing, the Craft ® machines add a pH corrector.

Reverse Osmosis & microfiltration

Our expertise in the purification and filtration of water allows us to offer turn-key equipment sized to measure, responding perfectly to the needs of our customers and to the on-site conditions .

Prime features

Open/close Resistance


We make our know-how available to you in Africa where most of our experience is based. The often difficult, operational conditions continuously push us to reinforce the limits of robustness.

Open/close Turn-key


Our water purification units are delivered on the basis of full turn-key service including on-site start-up and training.

Open/close Accessible technology

Accessible technology

The techniques of ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis are well known processes having already proven themselves. As it concerns physical filtering methods, we avoid conflicts related to chemical systems.

Open/close Flexibility


Mounted in an ISO container serving as a technical workshop, the CRAFT® units can be used in their place of operation, but also as mobile production units.

Open/close Autonomy


Equipped with pneumatic regulation, controlled by an entirely programmable automatic control system, or by an automatic safety system, our units have the best management system on the market, guaranteeing real autonomy. The reduced supervision being incumbent on an electromechanical technician, the daily management can be done by a single warehouseman.

Open/close Quality


Water from our units is tested several times throughout the process of the manufacture of our machines by Belgian laboratories. This is assured therefore to be of the quality of the OMS standards.

Open/close Economy


Craft ® units offer you a very economical alternative to&#039the purchase of bottled water from outside suppliers. Using little electricity, our units allow you to have cheap quality water, ensuring a rapid return on investment.

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